Thank you for visiting this page! We are happy to accept donations, including your time (volunteering) or your financial support (make a One-time Donation here or join as a WFVZ Member here)!

You can specify that your donation be spent on particular projects (see below), or you can allow us to apply the money at our discretion. We promise to use it wisely, economically, and in support of our programs and collections. Our primary programs are:

  •  Research: field and museum projects, and well as management projects, studying bird responses to habitat changes and restoration, including changes   in their population sizes and their breeding biology, as well as studying dynamcis of endangered and declining landbirds.
  •  Education: tours, classes, and events for the general public (children and adults) and professional biologists. 
  •  Collections Management: maintenance of more than 275,000 historic sets of birds' eggs,18,000 nests, and 60,000 bird specimens, all with data, as well   as a specialized avian reference library and archives.

Please download our brochure for information about our services.


Wish List

The following items represent several needs we have at this time, but there are many more so check back soon! If you are interested in supporting the Western Foundation, please consider making a donation to address one of these items:

  • Yellow-billed Cuckoo egg analyses: we are creating a fund to analyze western U.S. cuckoo egg contents for contaminants. It costs approximately $400/sample, so please help us grow this fund!
  • Walk-in freezer: We receive approximately 150 dead birds (killed by cats, window strikes, and cars) and 25 abandoned nests with eggs per year, which we hold and process for researchers all over the world, and our freezers are overflowing! Help us install an energy-efficient walk-in freezer at the museum in 2023!
  • The Ed N. Harrison Scholarship: Contribute to our fund to give one $300 scholarship annually to graduate students conducting research that will lead directly to the deepening of understanding and conservation of breeding bird species in Latin America.  


Please note that since the Western Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization, any donations made to the WFVZ are tax-deductible.   

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!  Contact us at 805-388-9944 for more information.