When you become a Member of the WFVZ your support will help ensure that we can continue to address our three primary goals:

(1) providing education to our community members about birds, nature, and the sciences, to re-connect everyone to nature;

(2) maintaining our historic bird collections for the sake of researchers, artists, educators, and the public so that they can contribute to the conservation of the world’s wild bird species; and

(3) conducting research in the field on declining and sensitive bird species, and using our historical collections, to promote the conservation of birds and all biodiversity!

You can click any category below to join us as a member. Thank you for your support!

Loggerhead Shrike-Individual membership $25
California Quail family membership $35
American Kestrel $50
Brown Pelican $100
Peregrine Falcon $250
California Condor $500
White-cheeked Goose (aka Canada Goose!) $750
Bald Eagle $1000
 Your own Bird  $1000*


Member benefits include:

  • Free entrance to tours (public and self-guided tours) per year of active Membership: 1 self-guided tour for up to 2 people for the Loggerhead Shrike level; 2 self-guided tours for up to 5 people each (children 5 and under don’t count toward the total) for California Quail family and American Kestrel levels; 2 self-guided tours and 1 guided tour for up to 5 people each for the Brown Pelican level; 3 self-guided tours and 1 guided tour for up to 5 people each for the Peregrine Falcon level; 4 self-guided and 2 guided tours for up to 7 people each for the California Condor level; and 5 self-guided and 2 guided tours for up to 10 people each for the Bald Eagle level!
  • Free entrance to one annual Open House: family membership and above
  • Discount rates on items in our Gift Store (online and in the museum), classes, seminars, and events: 15% off for Loggerhead Shrikes and California Quails; 20% off for American Kestrels, Brown Pelicans, and Peregrine Falcons; and 25% off for California Condors and Bald Eagles!




The WFVZ’s Legacy Fund was established to recognize and honor those who have made a documented planned gift to the WFVZ. Members of the Legacy Fund periodically receive helpful financial planning information, along with invitations to special events. Legacy Fund gifts can be made in several forms, from a Bequest or Revocable Living Trust, to Life Insurance, or a Gift of Real Estate. Contact for more information about Giving to the WFVZ!