These links provide resources for teachers and home educators- whether you are planning to bring your students to the Bird Museum or you are interested in teaching kids about birds, their habitats, and conservation. Most activities can be done at home or in the classroom! Many Spanish/dual-language resources are included towards the bottom of the page. Additionally, some of the english pages have Spanish version. We will be adding new materials as we find them, so please check back often!



the wall of birds animated maps

biodiversity  what makes birds unique 2  amazing birds

 audubon kids Each of these student-friendly lessons from Audubon includes a short informative magazine, quizzes, puzzles, and drawing activities plus links to additional information for those who want to browse for more:
Get to Know Birds
Owl Prowl
Birds on the Move
Plants Are for the Birds
Hooray for Hummingbirds!
 earthschool Earth School is a 30 day interactive adventure for students around the world to celebrate,
explore, and connect with nature.

The aims of Earth School are to help parents, teachers and pupils in lock-down to feel the
awe and wonder of nature; to understand how intertwined we are with the planet; and to
see how we can each act to live cleanerm healthier and greener lives.

The curated Earth School content features videos, reading materials and activities to help
students gain an understanding in environment while considering their role within it.

natgeo  ecologist school



birds changing climate  birds climate change  composting naturenow


imbd  shorebird eng



virtualNPeverykidoutdoor  natures notebook


howeggsmade  eggoxygen

An Egg Is Quiet  Science is dynamic and always changing as scientists discover new information and develop new theories to explain the things they see. This video contains old explanation for something about egg shape. See if you can find it! For a hint of new information about a new theory: Hatching a new hypotheses about egg shape diversity.

Owl Facts What Are Nests Made Of?
Be A Field Scientist  Baby Bird Hatching
Biologists! Scientists Who Love Life Birds Are Dinosaurs
Webinar: How Do Birds Stay Warm? Why Don’t Woodpecker’s Head Hurt
Forensic Ornithology – Bird Detective How Does Evolution Really Work?
SciGirls: Feathered Friends 1st place Egg Drop project ideas- using SCIENCE



cornell bird cams


flaptothefuture  coloring game  shorebird game  eat like a bird

Audubon Adventures
missionmigration   whosebeak   puffin   whoswho   wholiveswhere

PBS Kids

Desert Zoodoku

Backyard Home Scavenger Hunt 1 | Backyard Home Scavenger Hunt 2 | Backyard Home Scavenger Hunt 3

Ultimate Bird Simulation “Fly Like An Eagle” (not free)


tim flasch bird portraits rainbow of light glory of birds

National Geography Arts & Crafts

Biodegradable Bird Feeder 

DIY Bird Feeder from Recycled Materials

Various Bird Crafts

Bird Poop Splater Art

Build Your Own Birdhouse

How to Make Bird Sheds and Houses for Birdwatching


la importancia  naturenow  plumosos amigos

deterctives aves  thinking outside the box s  las aves para ninos

pintar  aprendecondani  aves superheroes

popo pajaro  comer pajarito  nidos