Spring Bird ID Course

Spring Bird ID Class

Taught every spring, this 7-class workshop will consist of 4 virtual or museum labs on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:30pm in May and early June, and three fieldtrips. The course is designed for novice to new intermediate birders who want to become familiar with the breeding birds of Ventura County. Pelagic birds, shorebirds, and gulls will not be covered during this course. Please contact Linnea at wfvz dot org for information for the spring 2023 class!


Zoom or lab sessions will be limited to 40 people, and field sessions limited to the first 20. Priority will be given to WFVZ Members. 2023 prices will be announced in winter 2023. Current CSUCI, VC, MC, OC, & UCLA students can take the classes at a greatly discounted rate. Current student ID will be required.


Avian Speciality Classes for Professionals 

The WFVZ will hold classes in Identification of Riparian and Chaparral Birds by Vocalization, Nests and Eggs of Southern California Birds, and other courses starting in spring 2022. Linnea Hall, Rene Corado and guest educators will share their knowledge using a combination of museum specimens and fieldtrips.

The courses accept the following students: (1) those employed in a consulting firm in southern or central California, currently enrolled in a graduate biology program, or self-employed in the biological field; and (2) newly-graduated biology/environmental studies students. These classes will be taught in spring (vocalizations) and fall/winter (nests and eggs). Attendance is limited to 30 people for the Nests and Eggs class, and 15 people per class for the Vocalization class. Additional sections may be opened if demand is great.

Additional courses may also be offered in fall 2023: Technical Report Writing and Biological Statistical Analysis 

Contact Linnea at wfvz dot org for schedules and pricing.


lsh bird id  

lsh bird trip 2

Study Skin and Egg Preparation
The WFVZ also offers one-on-one training or private lessons in study skin and egg preparation and curation, taught by Collections Manager Mr. RenĂ© Corado, and has internships available for upper-division college undergraduate and graduate students. Training in a 3-hour session is by appointment only and costs $75/person, $50 for WFVZ Members. 

Study skin preparation class with RenĂ© Corado