dexter kelly

Dexter Kelly (Director)

Dexter Kelly first got attracted to birds at the age of four, watching them come to the window feeder and to the suet pack attached to the elm on the lawn and he was hooked. That was almost seventy years ago, and he’s been at it ever since. He finally made it to California in 1970, and took part in Christmas counts and bird surveys, which culminated in the LA County Breeding Bird Atlas project. Dexter served several terms on the LA Audubon Board, including a three-year stint as president, helping create several programs that allowed LAUSD students to experience their natural habitat, with class excursions and as science interns doing ecological studies and habitat restoration in the Baldwin Hills. “I’m proud of this accomplishment of payback to the LA Community and natural environment. I can assure you all that no matter how dreary, boring, and frustrating your life can become, there are always new worlds to explore, and new birds to find. If there is any better reason for living than chasing birds, I have yet to discover it.” Dexter started on the WFVZ Board in summer 2019.