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Dr. Bruce Orr (Secretary)

Dr. Bruce Orr has more than 30 years of experience in population and community ecology of aquatic, terrestrial, and wetland environments in the western United States. He specializes in natural resources inventory and management planning, ecological restoration, wetlands and freshwater ecology, riparian vegetation dynamics, flora and vegetation of the western US, and aquatic entomology. He is experienced in wetland delineation and assessment, threatened and endangered species surveys, plant community classification and mapping, mitigation planning, and environmental impact assessment.

Bruce is frequently invited to speak about restoration ecology, and he has taught courses including wetland delineation, wetland restoration ecology, ecological restoration of riparian habitats, and watershed management. He serves on science advisory committees including the SFEI—Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Science Hub and Coyote Creek Restoration Technical Advisory Committee, and the City of Los Angeles Biodiversity Expert Panel. Bruce joined the WFVZ Board in 2018.