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Egg Collectors

  EGG COLLECTORS The Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology houses collections of eggs, nests and study skins from different collectors, totaling just over four hundred individual collections. Many collectors were museum curators or owners, taxidermists, and experienced biologists whilst some were simply outdoorsman and hobbyists.  We are recording countries, states etc. where they lived and collected and years of collecting. Also, we recorded collections from other collectors they owned. We…


Effects of DDT on Bird Eggs

  Eggs in private and museum collections around the world have figured prominently in studies of eggshell thinning due to contaminants such as DDT, heavy metals, and PCBs in predatory bird species such as Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis), Bald Eagles (Halieetus leucocephalus), and Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus), and were critical to these species’ recovery.  In…

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Why Are Birds Important?

 Why Are Birds Important? 1.  Birds have great economic and ecological value to society by providing vital Ecosystem Services.Large birds destroy numerous rodent pests that consume human food and spread deseases.Smaller birds consume enormous quantities of insects that attack forest trees, services valued at up to $5000/year/square mile of forest. Smaller birds also consume enormous quantities…

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Healthy Trees, Healthy Birds

Ventura County is home to over 240 Species of birds; more than just pigeons, sparrows and crows! 243 species live, migrate or pass through Ventura County each year. Birds nest in a variety of spots: tree branches,cavities, bushes, on the ground, or on the sides and eaves of buildings. Nests are often in hidden, hard–to-spot locations.  Types of local tree nests:…

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Drivers of Bird Declines

( THE GREATEST THREAT TO WILD BIRD IS HABITAT LOSS Habitat loss ranks number one among the human-associated threats to wild birds. In Ventura County alone we have lost 85% of our grasslands, 90% of wetlands, and 95% of riparian habitat.  Habitat loss is attributed to urbanization and other development, intensive agriculture, and roads.  Habitats…